Neighboring in St. Clair Place

We were heartened by recent social media posts from two newer St. Clair Place homeowners. With their permission, here are excerpts of their posts:


Kelly writes:

We love living here, but we often get strange/confused looks and questions about why and if we knew what we were getting ourselves into and if we are ever scared living here. Well, I just have to share this story: Recently, I was chatting with the elderly homeless guy that lives on the porch of the abandoned house across the street. I casually mentioned how our neighbor two doors down were having a baby soon, without a second thought.

You know what happened next? Tyler and I watched him ‘sneak’ over to their house around dusk and leave a small stack of baby books on their porch. My heart simultaneously swelled and broke. This man who, by most standards, has nothing, was giving gifts for this new life. For all the bad things over here, there are 1,000 good ones and we feel so blessed to live where we do and to have witnessed such a simple, yet profound, example of kindness.


Felicia writes:

I get asked ALL. THE. TIME. “Why did you move there?” “Are you scared?” “Do people bother you?” I have never loved an area where I’ve lived more! My current neighbors are the kindest people who come out to help me with whatever I’m doing outside—or just to chat.

George helped me build my porch set when he saw me out there working alone. Cliff came over and spent hours helping build my shed that came with 7,639,392 parts. Ben is always a friendly face to come out and chat and is always willing to let me borrow something I need. Kelly, Tyler & Frannie always invite me to hang and Frannie gives the best snuggles! Brandon has lived in the ‘hood since he was a kid and always comes by to chat and offer help with outdoor projects. I was gone some of the summer, when I got back everyone came over to give me hugs and say how much they missed having me around.

I could go on and on… I LOVE MY ‘HOOD! Never have I been so connected to so many of my neighbors and to so many people from all walks of life. God Bless the Near Eastside!