• Neighborhood Sweeps / Better Buildings
    Neighborhood Sweeps / Better Buildings

    Thanks to our partnerships and funding from the City of Indianapolis, Purdue University, and Citizen’s Energy Group, NEAR was able to provide energy efficient upgrades to 30 businesses and 13 nonprofits in the Near East. These organizations could realize an average energy savings of 17%, or a combined savings of $70,000 annually.

    Additionally, we provided upgrades to more than 1,200 homes, which will see an average energy savings of 15%.

  • St. Clair Senior Apartments
    St. Clair Senior Apartments

    St. Clair Senior Apartments was co-developed by NEAR and Riley Area Development Corporation. Located in the heart of the St. Clair Place Neighborhood, these 33 units provide safe, affordable housing opportunities for persons 55 and older.

    St. Clair Senior Apartments is intended to be a preferred living option for Near Eastside residents in retirement years.

    St. Clair Senior Apartments includes 4,000 square feet of commercial space along the East 10th Street commercial corridor. To inquire about leasing one of the commercial spaces, contact John Franklin Hay