NEAR Neighbor Forum – Michigan & New York Street 2-Way Conversion

Thursday, July 13, 2017
6 pm to 7 pm
NEAR Center for Community Development
2807 E. 10th St

What do we know about the City’s plans to turn Michigan Street 2-way on the Near Eastside? What about New York Street? What opportunities and issues do these changes bring our community and neighbors? What recommendations might we make to the City regarding their plans? Join us Thursday, July 13, 6 pm, NEAR Center for Community Development, 2807 E. 10th St, for a NEAR Neighbor Forum. A task force of the Near Eastside Quality of Life Summit has been meeting over the past 6 months to learn and explore this issue. Their findings and possible recommendations will be shared in this meeting.

What’s Next for Sherman Park?

Near Eastside neighbors and neighborhood leaders scrambled mightily in January to proactively respond to the City’s consideration of Sherman Park as a potential site for a new Community Justice Center complex. NEAR worked with our Sherman Park Project Partners to help facilitate two gatherings of over 100 residents each. In the end, the City chose another site (Twin Aire). So, where does that leave Sherman Park?

NEAR has been awarded an EPA Area-Wide Planning Grant (AWPG) to facilitate an 18-month public input and deliberation process to determine possible and prioritized reuses of this 50-acre brownfield at Michigan & Sherman. The AWPG is an opportunity for our community to dream its future, develop a workable plan, and move that plan toward reality. The Kick-Off Meeting for the Sherman Park Area-Wide Planning Initiative is Tuesday, August 1, 6 pm, at John Boner Neighborhood Centers, 2236 E. 10th St. We invite you to join us, Near Eastside neighbors, and city-wide stakeholders to begin process to determining best possible and prioritized uses of Sherman Park.